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Terms & Conditions

Artist agrees to all terms on the Submission Requirements page. Entries MUST be submitted online using the website. Fees are non-refundable. The jury's decisions are final. Artist accepts responsibility for loss or damage to artworks, packing materials and other materials delivered to Oklahomans for Equality. Artist agrees to have all submitted works available at the the time of the exhibition and to leave the work for the duration of the exhibition, to deliver or ship at the artist's expense, and to deliver and pick up work on the dates specified. Artist agrees that OkEq will pay the artist 70% of the sale amount on each sold item. Artist agrees that he/she will refrain from promotion or sale of works not accepted by the jury at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center, and to refrain from "deal making" or "side-selling" which would reduce or eliminate the commission rightly belonging to Oklahomans for Equality for inclusion of the work in the exhibition. Artist agrees to permit use of images for documentation and promotional purposes by Oklahomans for Equality without further communication; appropriate efforts will be made to properly credit the artist. Oklahomans for Equality and its staff and volunteers, and the MOREcolor committee and its volunteers shall not be held liable for loss or damage to any art work or other property of the artist, or for injury or other mishap involving artist or other guest of the exhibition.


This call has agreed to Terms & Conditions